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My story

Hi, I’m Shannon, a minimalist-minded professional declutterer and organiser.


Nine years ago, I watched the Minimalism documentary. It sparked something in me and afterwards, I felt like everything I’d been told about what would make me happy was wrong.


As I decluttered my own home, I noticed a significant impact on my life and mental health. I delved deep into minimalism, learning everything I could from books, podcasts and articles. I became fascinated with the concept of how living a life with less can create more opportunities. I read stories about tiny homes, van living and practices like Swedish death cleaning (not as morbid as it sounds!)


Over seven years, I carefully curated my life – not just my possessions, but my finances and digital life too. After a relationship broke down and I had to move out, I discovered that my entire life fit in my car – and that made me feel so free. I find huge joy in knowing how few physical possessions I need to be happy. 


I also love the financial freedom that comes from not buying stuff all the time – it’s enabled me to fulfil my life’s dream of owning my own property, and it allows me to have amazing experiences. 


That’s what led me to become a professional organiser. I want everyone to access the same experience of peace, joy and freedom. Whether you want a less cluttered, more manageable home or to explore a minimalist lifestyle, I can take you as far along the journey as you want to go.


Ultimately, my goal is for you to live the life YOU want for yourself, not a life that’s dictated by material possessions or other people’s expectations. That’s what Simpl Living Co is all about.

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For peace of mind and to ensure my consistent commitment to my profession, I am DBS checked and also fully insured.


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