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Simplifying Life: My 30-Day Experiment with a Daily Uniform

I have committed to a 30-day experiment in which I will wear a simple white t-shirt and jeans every day. My goal is to eliminate the daily burden of decision-making by establishing a consistent uniform. Studies suggest that the average person makes 35,000 decisions each day, and I have seen firsthand how decision fatigue can impact my client's ability to make sound choices. To combat this, I offer breaks during home organisation sessions to ensure that they do not make hasty decisions.

I believe that by simplifying my wardrobe choices, I can focus on the important decisions of the day. To achieve this, I have purchased eight white cotton t-shirts in various sizes and sleeve lengths. After trying them on, I will choose my three favourites and return the rest, then purchase multiples of those three designs.

Although I may encounter challenges such as keeping my t-shirts clean due to my messy eating habits and owning a dog, I have planned ahead by ordering multiple. While I cannot predict whether I will become bored or feel the urge to wear a dress, I am willing to try new things to improve my life. After all, this method has worked for successful individuals such as Simon Cowell and Steve Jobs.

Things I will allow during the experiment:

  1. Wearing pyjamas.

  2. Wearing shorts if the weather gets warm enough.

  3. Wearing something formal if I have an occasion it is required.

After 30 days, I will reflect on what I have learnt, what worked well and what didn't and share my results with you!

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