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Cash in the Clutter: 4 Ways How Tidying Up Can Boost Your Finances

When was the last time you found the time to declutter and organise your living space?

Decluttering not only enhances the visual look of your home and increases its functionality but could also prove to help your finances.

Uncover the ways in which decluttering can positively impact your finances.

1. Save Money on Unnecessary Purchases

Taking the time to declutter provides you with a clearer understanding of what you already own. In the midst of a hectic life, clutter can accumulate unnoticed, making it easy to lose track of what is already in your home. Sorting through your belongings helps you avoid overspending on items you already have. I couldn't tell you how many times a client has said, 'I just bought another one of those because I thought that was lost' or 'I forgot I had that, I have two more upstairs.'

2. Discover Hidden Cash and Gift Cards

As you declutter your living spaces, you may stumble upon banknotes down the back of an armchair, pots of coins in the back of a cupboard, or gift cards stuffed inside old birthday cards. Any extra money found during this process can serve as a reward for your efforts and be directed towards boosting your savings. Don't forget to check overlooked places like coat pockets and the back of drawers. Ensure you get gift cards checked quickly to prevent them potentially going out of date.

3. Sell Unwanted Items

Decluttering not only helps in identifying unused items but also gives you an opportunity to sell things you no longer want. Whether it's electronics, clothing, or household goods, selling them can contribute to an increase in your income. Consider booking a spot at a car boot or posting on Facebook Marketplace for selling, creating a win-win situation where you earn extra money while achieving a more organised living space.

4. Get Your Finances in Order

I found that because I was decluttering my entire life, I started to want to declutter my finances as well, ultimately allowing me to buy my first property. I stopped spending on items I didn't need, deleted subscriptions, and spent a long time refining what my goal was and how I could make it happen. A good place to start is sorting through paperwork that has built up. You may find bank statements, credit card bills, and other essential financial documents. Even if it feels scary initially, it is essential to know how much debt you have and what areas you are spending money on. Start to write out categories such as food, bills, subscriptions, days out, clothing, etc., and work out how much you are spending in each category each month against what you would like to be spending.

Embrace the Financial Benefits of Organisation

In addition to reducing stress, increasing livable space, and enhancing your mood, decluttering your home can significantly impact your finances. If it's been a while since you've given your living space a thorough sort, let this serve as the inspiration you need to begin.

If you love the idea but would benefit from having someone who has been there and done it to keep you accountable and support you, book a free consultation with an accredited professional organiser today:

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