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Finding Inspiration in Minimalism: Influential People that helped Transformed My Mindset

Minimalism isn't just about decluttering physical spaces; it's a mindset shift towards intentional living and finding true fulfilment in simplicity.

Over the years, I've come across individuals whose insights and experiences have helped inspire me and assisted my journey towards simplification. Here are some remarkable figures I recommend you look at if are wanting to change your mindset around consumerism:

1. Matt D'Avella: Pushing Limits and Embracing Challenges

Matt D'Avella is more than just a filmmaker and YouTuber; he's a pioneer in the minimalist movement. Through his thought-provoking YouTube channel, Matt shares his beliefs on minimalism and documents his personal challenges, including 30-day experiments aimed at improving various aspects of his life. From enhancing productivity to cultivating healthier habits, Matt demonstrates that embracing change can be both rewarding and enjoyable. His high-quality videos and genuine approach inspire viewers to step outside their comfort zones and explore the benefits of simplifying their lives.

This groundbreaking documentary, created by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, known as The Minimalists, provides a profound exploration of the societal obsession with consumption and the pursuit of happiness through material possessions. Through insightful interviews and real-life stories, the film challenges viewers to question their values and consider the true meaning of abundance. It was this documentary that completely turned my life upside down, sparked my journey towards simplification and led me to become an accredited professional organiser.

It is available to watch for free on Youtube.

3. Jessica Rose Williams: Embracing Slow Living and Intuitive Minimalism

Jessica Rose Williams, a British writer, has emerged as a guiding light for those seeking a more intentional and mindful approach to minimalism. Through her YouTube channel and blog, Jessica shares her journey of embracing slow living and intuitive minimalism. Her soothing videos and insightful articles offer practical tips on creating capsule wardrobes, simplifying routines, and cultivating a sense of peace and contentment in everyday life. Jessica's gentle demeanor and genuine authenticity resonate deeply with her audience, inspiring them to embrace simplicity with grace and intention.

4. Millennial Minimalists Podcast: Exploring Every Aspect of Minimalism

Kelly and Lauren, the hosts of the Millennial Minimalists podcast, have created a valuable platform for exploring the multifaceted nature of minimalism. With each episode, they delve into various aspects of intentional living, inviting top experts and thought leaders to share their insights and experiences. From decluttering techniques to sustainable living practices, Kelly and Lauren cover a wide range of topics, providing listeners with practical guidance and inspiration to incorporate minimalism into their daily lives. Their genuine passion for the minimalist lifestyle shines through in every episode, making it both informative and enjoyable to listen to.

I believe that by decluttering alone, long-lasting change will not happen. Through education and listening to other people's experiences and ideas, we can slowly work on our consumer mindset.

Since the moment we are old enough to sit up, we are fed the narrative that we can find happiness through physical possessions. And when that doesn't happen, it is often attributed to buying the wrong thing, leading us to believe that we just need a better version or something else entirely. As a result, our homes become cluttered and overwhelming, leaving us feeling dissatisfied and stressed.

Today is a great day to see how doing things a little differently can make a real change in your life.

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