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Finding Balance: 3 Signs You've Decluttered Too Much

As a professional organiser, I've witnessed the amazing transformation decluttering and minimalism can bring. It's no secret that there are numerous benefits to simplifying your life and your living space. Decluttering can improve your mental health, bring financial advantages, and even enhance your relationships. However, it's essential to strike a balance when downsizing your possessions. The line between having the right amount of stuff for your life and decluttering too much can be a fine one, and this balance varies for each person. In this blog post, we will explore three signs that indicate you may have decluttered too much.

1. Your Home No Longer Feels Like a Home

One of the first signs that you may have decluttered too much is when your home no longer feels like a warm and inviting place. While the goal of decluttering is to create a clean and organised living space, it's also important that your home retains a sense of coziness and personality.

When you've decluttered excessively, your home might appear cold, sparse, and lifeless. You may have removed items that held true sentimental value or added character to your living space. This can result in an environment that lacks personality and makes you feel like you're living in an IKEA show home rather than a place that reflects your unique identity.

2. You Can't Easily Live Day to Day

Decluttering is about creating a more efficient living space, but it shouldn't hinder your ability to perform everyday tasks. When you find that you're frequently struggling to find essential item, it's a clear sign that you may have gone too far.

For example, imagine you've decluttered your kitchen to the point where you only have one pot and a few utensils. Now, when you want to prepare a simple meal, you discover that you've eliminated the essentials you need. This forces you to either struggle through or spend more time and energy finding alternative solutions.

To avoid this scenario, it's important to assess your daily needs and ensure that you have the necessary items readily available. Keep a balance between decluttering and holding onto the basics that make your daily life comfortable and convenient.

3. You Feel Miserable and Scared to Make Purchases

An extreme approach to decluttering can lead to feelings of guilt and anxiety when it comes to acquiring new items, even if they are essential for your daily life. If you find that you're reluctant to purchase anything, including the bare essentials, this is a clear indication that you've decluttered too much.

When you've gone overboard with decluttering, you may be gripped by the fear of reintroducing items into your space. You might worry that you're returning to a cluttered state, which can lead to a sense of guilt and unease.

The key here is to understand that decluttering isn't about getting rid of everything; it's about curating your possessions to create a harmonious and functional living environment. Be open to purchasing new items when they genuinely enhance your life and don't let the fear of clutter paralyse you.

Decluttering and embracing minimalism can undoubtedly bring about a more organised and simplified life. However, it's essential to find the right balance that suits your needs and preferences. If your home no longer feels like a home, you're struggling with daily tasks, or you're afraid to make necessary purchases, these are signs that you may have decluttered too much. Remember that decluttering should enhance your life, not diminish it.

Image Credit: By Lauren Barber

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