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Professional Organiser

Shannon Murphy

Everyone can have the home they love and that reflects who they are, but it takes a different way of thinking to get there. So much of our dissatisfaction and unhappiness comes from a society that continually tells us that the next new thing will make our life easier or better. As a result, we’re always chasing the next purchase in the hope that it will make us happy – but it never does. 


Instead, we end up with homes overwhelmed with clutter. We waste money on things that quickly become worthless. We sacrifice our time moving things around in a cycle of tidying up that never ends. We feel stressed out and claustrophobic in our homes instead of enjoying them.


We know we need to make a change, but we don’t know where to start. That’s where my work comes in.


We approached Shannon hesitantly as we had a LOT of clutter to sort through and I was anxious about being judged for having a 'messy' house. I needn't have worried, Shannon was totally amazing.

The end result is absolutely life changing. Everything now has a space and our house looks better than it ever has done. We would recommend Shannon without hesitation.

 Laura - Henfield


I'm on the radio!

Recently I spoke with Lainy from 'Wey Valley Radio'. I share tip for getting started with decluttering, my journey to becoming a professional organiser and an insight into how I work with my amazing clients around their consumer midsets.

Simplify your living.
Elevate your life.


5 benefits of decluttering your home

1. Reduced stress and anxiety: A cluttered home can create a feeling of overwhelm and stress. Reducing     your possessions can help to decrease these negative emotions and create a more peaceful environment.

2. Improved focus and productivity: Removing unnecessary items from your home can help you focus on the things that are truly important. A clutter-free space can also boost your productivity and creativity.


3. Increased storage space: Having a clear out can help you identify items that you no longer need, making room for more storage space. This can help to create a more functional and organized home.

4. Easier cleaning and maintenance: A clutter-free home is easier to clean and maintain, reducing the time and effort required to keep your home tidy.

5.You can avoid buying duplicates: When you have a lot of items, it's easy to forget what you already own and end up buying duplicates. Decluttering can help you identify what you already have and avoid unnecessary purchases.


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