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How I work




Together, we’ll look at your home environment and I’ll ask the right questions to help you make the right decisions, including:


  • What you want to change. within your home and mindset

  • What’s truly important to you at home and in life.

  • What you want your home to feel and look like.

  • What you need less of and what you need more of.

  • How much you need to remove from your life to make space for the ‘things’ you need (which aren’t actually ‘things’)




This is the practical part that everyone wants to do and whether you can visually see change. Room by room, we’ll go through every item you own and ensure:


  • You’re creating space for YOU not more things.

  • You keep only what is essential and makes you happy.

  • You let go of what is no longer serving you.

  • You stay authentic to yourself and your values in your decisions.

  • You shift to a conscious, mindful way of thinking about everything you own.




Most professional organisers don’t help with mindset and prevention, but I'm here to make real, lasting change.

After the decluttering process, we’ll work together to identify and understand the mindset shifts needed, including:


  • Why you might have fallen into the trap of overconsumption and gift receiving.

  • How life-changing it is to free yourself from the burden of ‘stuff’.

  • How to resist what society is telling you to care about.

  • The essence of living a meaningful life.

  • What minimalism looks like for YOU.

  • What a new, intentional, joyful way of living could look like for you



Once you've experienced the immediate benefits that decluttering can bring, that doesn't have to be the end of our journey together. I'm here to prevent you from falling back into the consumer mindset trap and your space feeling cluttered again. I can help you to continue:

  • Keep the time and space you've created in your life.

  • Live life free from the burden of clutter.

  • Be more conscious and considerate of your purchasing decisions.

  • Practise gratitude and live intentionally with less.

  • Learn more about minimalism and its benefits.






I will work directly with you in your home to fully declutter, simplify, reorganise and beautifully display the items you cherish.

I am here to take care of all the practical work, so you can focus on making the important decisions about what to keep and what to let go of. You can trust me to transform your space into the perfectly organised and curated home you've always dreamed of.

6 hour minimum



Personalised coaching sessions. We can focus on a specific challenge you are facing in your home or with your mindset. You will come away with practical tips, feeling motivated & have a step-by- step action plan.

We will have a follow up session to discuss how you have found the process and you will receive any required additional support.

1.5 hour minimum




When you join the community, you'll become part of an extraordinary group that thrives on support, growth, and transformation. Each month, we’ll gather together for an online meetup, featuring inspiring guest talks from experts in mindful living, declutter-along sessions and engaging Q&A sessions with me – a certified professional organiser.



Book an inspiring and motivational talk for your podcast or event on how decluttering our homes and shifting our mindset around consumerism can open up new possibilities for change and growth in our lives.

I write articles on a wide variety of topics surrounding minimalism, decluttering, sustainability and simple living.

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