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Talks, Podcasts & Articles 

As a minimalist-minded, environmentally-conscious professional organiser with 7 years experience in simplifying, I love to share my knowledge and insight through empowering talks and articles around subjects I am hugely passionate about.

Sample topics: 

  • Understanding the principles of minimalism

  • My personal journey with simplifying my life

  • How decluttering your space can create a sense of clarity and focus towards achieving your goals

  • The powerful mental health benefits of living with less

  • Practical tips and strategies for starting your decluttering journey

  • Sustainability and the impact our consumption has on the environment



Can simple living & minimalism help us on our journey? 

Manifesting on a loop  (E07)


Decluttering before moving

Sussex Local Magazine (page 42)


Simplify your wardrobe, elevate your life

The Slow Approach


When life takes shape

Coming soon >
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