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10 Things I No Longer Buy As A Minimalist

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Costume Jewellery

Before becoming a minimalist, I used to have lots of cheap jewellery to style with outfits, but they would tarnish within a few years and go out of style. Now I have: 4 silver rings, each with a personal story to me, and I wear them every day. Two necklaces from a charity shop that I can wear if I want to accessorise an outfit. A necklace with my name, handmade by a small business.

Decor With No Purpose

Something that stands out to me now when I go to home shops is all the decor that has no purpose. At one point, I had a huge collection of random pieces cluttering my shelves. After discovering minimalism, I now decorate with dried foliage and a small selection of considered decor pieces I truly love.

Plastic Sponges for Washing Up

I previously bought those multicolored sponges with the rough top to clean dishes. I think my decision was based on what my Mom would use. However, I am now aware of the environmental impact of these disposable sponges, and I opt for coconut fiber dish brushes.

Plastic Water Bottles

I recently discovered that 80% of water in plastic bottles contains microplastics! I had already reduced the number of plastic water bottles I bought, but this made me even more conscious. I have a couple of large VOS glass bottles and use these as my reusable water bottles. Very occasionally, if I am out and unable to refill my bottle or forget it, I will buy water. No one is perfect, but I have reduced the amount I buy by around 80-90%.


I do love scented candles, but I have found out that a large amount of toxins are released into the air when you burn candles. The cheaper the candle, the worse the toxins, and I don't want my dog or myself to be breathing in unnecessary pollution. I have a MUJI diffuser that I can add water and essential oils to, but the best way to make the house smell nice is to open the windows and let some fresh air in.


I previously had 6 or 7 different sets of bedding for my bed but decided to invest in two high-quality sets. I have a set made from 100% cotton from The White Company and a linen set from Piglet in Bed. I can wash one set while using the other and swap them out. There is no longer a need to use up storage space for bedding.

DVDs / DVD Player / CDs

I donated all of my DVDs and the DVD player since everything is now streaming.


Before minimalism, I used to get a memento from every location I went to. When I got home, they never looked as good as they had at the shop. I now spend my money on having amazing meals in local restaurants, creating memories, and taking photos on my phone to remember the trip.


Most magazines are full of ads that made me want the newest trend. This was so easy to give up.

Kitchen Appliances

I love having clear kitchen worktops, so I do not purchase kitchen appliances. Whenever I see one that looks appealing, I ask myself whether I could cook a meal it promises to make easily at home with the equipment I already have, and generally, the answer is yes! I own:

  • A kettle

  • A microwave

  • A blender

  • An oven

Women throwing bedding in the air
Simpl Living Co - Professional organiser fabric throw

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