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15 Questions To Ask Yourself When Decluttering

Be honest with yourself and follow your instincts. These questions are designed to help you assess what you truly need, want and use within your home.

1. When did I last use it?

2. Did I realise I owned it?

3. Do I own something similar that could do the same job?

4. Am I just holding onto this because it was a gift or expensive but really I don’t want it?

5. Is it annoying to clean/maintain?

6. Could I borrow/rent this if I needed it in the future?

7. Does this item fit with who I am at the moment?

8. Does this item take up too much space in my home?

9. Am I holding onto this item ‘just in case’?

10. If I saw it in the shop today would I purchase it again?


11. When did I last wear it?

12. Does it still fit?

13. Is it damaged/ stained? (Will I actually get it repaired)

14. Do I enjoy wearing it?

15. Is it comfortable?

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