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Clearing the Clutter: How to Streamline Your Mug Collection

Decluttering mugs can feel like a challenging task, especially if you have a collection of mugs that you have accumulated over time. Here are some steps you can follow to declutter your mugs:

1. Take out all the mugs: Start by taking out all the mugs from your cabinets, drawers, and shelves. This will give you a clear picture of how many mugs you have.

2. Categorise your mugs: Sort your mugs by categories such as ones that you use regularly, special occasion mugs, sentimental mugs, and ones that are broken or chipped.

3. Keep only what you need: Keep the mugs that you use regularly and that bring you joy. Let go of the mugs that you haven't used in a long time or that don't have any sentimental value. (Remember, even if it was a gift you are not obliged to keep it.)

4. Donate or give away: Consider donating or giving away the mugs that are in good condition but you don't use. You can donate them to a local charity or give them to friends and family.

5. Dispose of broken or chipped mugs: If you have mugs that are broken or chipped, it's time to let go of them. (Look at your local council website for your nearest recycling centre)

6. Organise your remaining mugs: Once you have decided which mugs to keep, organise them by style and whether you need easier access to them or not. The mugs you use daily should be at the front and the occasional mugs (used for guests) should be at the back.

Remember, the key to decluttering mugs is to keep only what you need and what brings you joy. By letting go of the excess, you can create more space.

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